This is a bigger update with a lot of visual changes and some technical enhancements especially for the controls.

First some known issues:

- The old savegames will not work with this version.  But they will not be deleted and still work, if you go back to v0.0.28.

- The controller must be plugged in before launching the game to work properly.


- Controls are a bit simpler

 - You can now also shoot with what was previously the run button

- Most PS3 and PS4 controller should now work properly. Though with some PS controllers I am still experiencing a button mashup with two ore more buttons...

- The Parents house is now more pixelated (there were placeholder images before):

Bombs have a new design and some more effects:

also the “jump” bombs now do some downward damage.

- I have added switches. Here you can spend your diamonds:

- Those small creatures have not been there before:

- The helmets are introduced as upgrades (there are a lot more helmets coming up)!

- The menu should be a bit more intuitive.

- When you start a new game you will now see a tiny intro.

...and a lot of tiny changes here and there :)

The next update will make backtracking more fun. I am excited to work on that!


build_v0.0.31.zip 8 MB
Nov 19, 2018

Get Volcanic Bomb - Development Demo

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