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Volcanic Bomb - development demo

A 2d metroidvania retro game 

A tiny knight is seeking treasures in a world of active volcanoes.

All around you, there are scattered blocks of lava - volcanic bombs -. Learn to use them!

They will help you to:

- fight enemies 
- explode blocks 
- boost up an reach secrets 
- dash through the dungeons
- manipulate volcanoes

If you master the volcanic bombs, you can get to places never heard of!

This is the complete first world of the game.
I'm currently working on the second one - "The Lake and the Castle"

At the same time, I'm changing this world and adding more features, details, graphics and fun!
All feedback is greatly appreciated! Just leave a note below. It will help the game. :) 

If you want to stay posted, you can follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/volcanicbomb2D

This is my website: https://www.volcanicbomb.com/


volcanic-bomb-demo-win-stable.zip 8 MB
Version 0.0.37 74 days ago

Development log


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Great work so far. Made it to the credits (v0.0.37) and can't wait for more. I got stuck for a bit without enough keys before realizing how to find them (no spoiler), it was a good "OOOH, now I get it!" moment. 

That is very encouraging. Great, that you got all the way to the end. Thank you for playing! 


Place pretty good, can't wait for more. :)


Thank your for the video! Awesome! 

Yes you can find all the golden pearls and all the keys and unlock a secret.... The game does not end after the credits :)

In the final game there will be shops and puzzles were you can spend the diamonds. I am working on that at the moment.

Hey! After recording I saw after the credits you get back, found the door of many many keys, just didn't get to open it... too many keys... :) 

He he, yea, some keys are hard to find :)